Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you Quote, Sell and Install new Solar Systems?

    Yes the Aussie Farmers Group will at your request come to your property to discuss and quote your potential Solar System and positioning. Once we have quoted and you have accepted the quote we will give you an estimated time we will be in your area to complete the install. Aussie Farmers Groups own technicians will then be at your property to install and commission the Solar System.

  • How much will a new system cost me?

    Our Solar system prices range depending on what your needs are.

    Pricing starts from $5000 for a basic package without a battery. For a specific quote call Aussie Farmers Group and we can inspect your property and quote on your particular needs. Phone 1800727652

  • If I already own solar can I add to it?

    Yes it is possible to add to an existing Solar System but there are a few things that need to be considered prior to this happening. So the best thing to do is to call one of our experienced salesmen to come out and see your property with existing solar and advise on the next best thing for you. Phone: 1800727652

  • What happens to my Solar at night time?

    During the night there is no sunlight produced to make your solar system work so the electricity grid takes up the power load you are using and when the sun rises again the next morning the solar will take the load again.

  • What happens if there is an electrical blackout?

    During a black out all solar systems automatically switch off and reconnect once electricity is restored. If you have a battery system installed with back up power, you may be able to use this power while the grid is switched off.

  • Will I need a new meter?

    You will need a new meter installed so you can keep track of what you export to the grid.

  • How do I know what System will suit me?

    The best way for us to tailor a system to suit your needs is for you to call us. We offer affordable packages for the householder and larger packages suited for the customers with a higher consumption. There are a few different factors that need to be taken into account when deciding what will suit you, so call us today for a free inspection and quote. Ph: 1800727652